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Healthy Children Learn Better

The prime function of the nurse in the school is that of a consultant. The objective in that function is education in healthy living. Believing that “healthy children learn better“, the nurse utilizes the basic principles of health education. By working with, and through, the principal, teacher, parent, and child, the school nurse works to improve the health of each individual pupil. Each child is then seen as the total relationship of mental, social, emotional, and physical health.

The school nurse shall be responsible to the superintendent and principals. She will assist in the organization, direction, and coordination of the School Health Program. She shall cooperate with medical personnel, school personnel, community services, parents, and other organized groups in promoting good general health and well-being, prevention of accidents and disease, and wherever necessary, administer care and when possible give advice on health matters as so indicated.

The school nurse is an administrative team member, serving as advisory and resource person. The nurse must observe environmental factors and, if necessary, convey any concerns regarding sanitation or safety hazards to the principal and/or superintendent. The nurse should emphasize the need for continuing safety awareness in the school.

The promotion of health and health education is the basis for McAllen School Health Program. The school nurse makes use of every opportunity while talking with students, administrators, parents, and/or community leaders to teach ongoing methods of acquiring better health. The primary role of the school nurse is not one of formal health education. Yet, the school nurse, through informal student contact, as guest speakers on health issues, and as health advocate resource persons, have a vital input to health education.