Our team of professionals aid in vision, design, procurement, implementation, testing, and maintenance of all things technology. From infrastructure to security systems the Network Services and Support team keeps them running. Our passion is helping others realize their potential using technology supplements. 

Network Services and Support (NSS) is comprised of team members with skillsets in computer support and repair, networking, telephony, security, audio/visual, collaboration solutions, wireless solutions, clerical in relations to the fore mentioned disciplines. NSS continues to evolve and embrace the challenges that come forth.


It's super duper easy. To access the KACE service desk to open a support ticket you can use either your Rapid Identity portal or simply click on the KACE logo to the left. Remember to be as descriptive as possible when expressing your issue. The more information our Digital Rangers have, the faster we can resolve your issue.

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Rapid Identity

Identity management is possibly one of the most difficult mechanisms to implement. Is it worth it? You bet. Keep up with mass changes made on a daily basis would drive any data entry clerk crazy. Luckily we use Rapid Identity to manage our staff and students. Rapid Identity provides password recovery mechanisms, change password capabilities, secure application access while providing a high level of security.

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