Family Treatment Program

Student talking to counselor

The Family Treatment Program (FTP) is a McAllen Independent School District initiative to assist families in acquiring campus based mental health services and/or community based mental health services.  Through an efficient referral process a campus counselor can refer a student who has been identified as needing assistance.  FTP is an intensive and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery.  The FTP program serves students whose symptoms of mental illness result in the disruption of: integrating into a school setting, peer relationships, emotional stability, independence, physical health and wellness.


Increasing access to mental health services for students and families.


The Family Treatment Program’s mission is to advance mental health awareness, and through identification, provide prevention and intervention services for McAllen Independent School District families.


  • Intensive case management

  • Community mental health referrals

  • Crisis intervention

  • Continuity of mental health care

  • Mental health network agreements and contracts

  • Mental health partnership collaboration

  • Staff development

  • Family and student interventions

  • Mental health awareness