District Goals & Strategies

Goal 1:  Student Achievement/Student Focus
Goal 2:  People Development
Goal 3:  Facility Priorities
Goal 4:  Financial Priorities

Strategy 1: Branding
We will effectively and continuously communicate and market the district’s mission, strengths, successes and diverse opportunities for every learner. 

Strategy 2: Attract/Retain High Quality Staff
We will attract, recruit, develop and retain high quality staff. 

Strategy 3: Engaging Learning Environment
We will foster a secure, supportive, rigorous and engaging learning environment. 

Strategy 4: Rigorous/World Class Standards Customized for Every Learner
We will utilize national and global standards to customize learning for every learner. 

Strategy 5: Partnerships with Business/Civic/Education Organizations
We will develop and strengthen bonds with the business, education, and civic community to provide engaging learning opportunities. 

Strategy 6: Future-Ready Students
We will foster principled students who learn, adapt, and innovate in response to their ever-changing environment. 

Strategy 7: Financial Priorities
We will conduct a budget development, implementation, and monitoring process that reflects sound business and fiscal practices that support district goals.