Middle school students earn 4 First Chairs on Region Band

Four McAllen ISD middle school students earned First Chair following virtual auditions for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region XV Middle School Region Band.

 As a district, McAllen ISD had 36 middle school students selected.  

 “We are also very excited that we had four students chosen as the first chair for their instrument,” McAllen ISD Fine Arts Director Jim Egger said. “Being chosen as the top performer in any of these sections is an amazing feat. We are very proud of these students and band directors for being able to have success with the present virtual environment. Congratulations to all of these very talented band students and their hard-working band teachers.”

 The First Chair students include: 

  • Emma Nelson, Cathey Middle School – oboe
  • Amanda Soria, Cathey MS – tenor saxophone
  • Ryan Ozuna, Cathey MS – percussion
  • Heather Villarreal, De Leon Middle School – contra bass clarinet 

 McAllen ISD has been named a national Best Community for Music Education for eight consecutive years. McAllen ISD students who qualified for the TMEA Region XV Middle School Region Band include:

 Morris Middle School (17):

  • Nayomi Dos Santos De Oliveira (flute)
  • Anabelle Cedillo (flute)
  • Amelia Degroot (oboe)
  • Rodrigo Gloria (bassoon)
  • Tristan Keith (alto saxophone)
  • Ricardo Salinas (alto saxophone)
  • Brandon Chavero (trumpet)
  • John Paul Handy (trumpet)
  • Derek Potter (French horn)
  • Jordan Jett (French horn)
  • Pablo De La Rosa (trombone)
  • Aaron Estrada (euphonium)
  • Emma Cantu (euphonium)
  • Anthony Gonzalez (percussion)
  • Sergio Echavarria (percussion)
  • Karsten Gabrielson (percussion)
  • Pablo Lopez (percussion)  

 Cathey Middle School (11):

  • David Espinoza (flute)
  • Diego Hernandez (bassoon)
  • Emma Nelson (oboe) first chair
  • Isabella Ziegler (oboe)
  • Marcos Cuevas (alto saxophone)
  • Amanda Soria (tenor saxophone) first chair
  • Leia Plata (trumpet)
  • Jordan Garcia (French horn)
  • Howard Lee (trombone)
  • Aiden Baker (trombone)
  • Ryan Ozuna (percussion) first chair

 De Leon Middle School (4):

  • Clarissa Salas (flute)
  • Heather Villarreal (contra bass clarinet) first chair 
  • Nicholas Cantu (French horn)
  • Angel Cirisa (tuba)  

Brown Middle School (2):

  • Eric Adrian (euphonium)
  • Santiago Rocha (tuba) 

Fossum Middle School (2):

  • Yareli Almanza (flute)
  • Mireyli Vargas (alto saxophone)